Mysteries of Aereth

Palace of the Beggar-King

"You will die for your betrayal of us, Dorn!" ~ Mother Zeboltha, Yuan-Ti Witch of the Poison Shadows

They found the slums surrounding the Beggar-King's domicile shrouded in a sickly-green fog. Dorn said this had started a few days ago and was spreading. It's source was somewhere in the territory of the beggars.

The mismatched sellswords entered the complex of ramshackle buildings known as the Beggars Palace through a back alley gate.

They had learned from the beggar informant before he was murdered that the Beggar-King had hired several local mercenaries and put them under the charge of Captain Irocar, a Dog Brother pirate that was well known to Dorn.

Entering the maze of junk and refuse known as the Beggars Market, the party found themselves caught between two of the Beggar's Guild toughs and several of these street mercenaries. 

As the deva bard, Oriel, fought near an opening in the floor where trash and garbage were dumped, he was suddenly seized by a slimy tentacle and dragged down into the dark pit!

Landing with a crash on years of reeking garbage and rot, Oriel found himself facing a sightless horror called an Otyugh!


Oriel found himself battling alone against this monstrosity and it's grub-like offspring in the knee-deep offal of the Beggars Palace!

Meanwhile, Greymalka had released her spirit within and transformed into a snarling black panther! Dorn hew limbs and heads with his greatsword, while Fang hacked bodies to bloody chunks in a berserker rage! The trembling little Lisp even managed a bit of courage by sinking his dagger in a back or two.

Noticing the Deva missing, Fang lept into the dark hole without hesitation. He landed with a smelly splash and fought alongside Oriel until the old Otyugh lay dead along with it's grubs.

The questioned one of the Beggar King's toughs with torture and dismemberment before moving on. They had learned that Captain Irocar and the pirate thugs from the Brotherhood of the Dog were somewhere upstairs and ahead.

Also, Arthuro the Fence made his quarters in this building. Finding his empty room and hidden treasure cache was a boon to their mission.

They battled their way through Irocar and his Dog Brothers. Irocar was taken alive and questioned. He gave them what he knew in exchange for his life and freedom:

Irocar and Arthuro
  • The Poisoned Shadows had allied themselves with the Beggar-King and promised him power in exchange for access to some sort of old library underneath the Beggars Palace.
  • They had sent a mysterious Witch called "Mother Zeboltha" and her two Shadar-Kai bodyguards. She had spent the last weeks in dark rituals with the Beggar-King and his street mage, Suggs Half-Nose. Neither man had been seen for quite a while…
  • The Slaver's Guild had agreed to an alliance to avoid paying bribes and tributes to the other Guilds. They were importing and exporting slaves through some secret way under the Beggar's Palace. The slaver in charge of day to day operations was the dragonborn called Orliss the Goat, himself a former gladiator and slave. Other important slavers came and went. Irocar had seen a Dark Elf, a Mage, and sometimes two Gnoll Overseers.
  • Arthuro had spent a great deal of time putting these deals together. Irocar suspected the man wanted the Beggar-Kings "throne"...

To Be Continued


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