A revenant assassin whose guild was wiped out by competitors, Olen intends to solve the mystery of his murder and restore the guild -- for glory, for payback, and for some gp while he's at it.


STR 8, CON 14, DEX 20, INT 10, WIS 11, CHA 16


HP 44 Surge Value 11 Surges/Day 8

Passive Insight 13 Passive Perception 18

Night Stalker Assassin (CHA mod bonus against targets adjacent to no enemies)

FEATS: Skill Focus (Stealth), Death’s Blessing, Hidden Insight, Dark Feasting

SKILLS: Acrobatics 13 Arcana 3 Athletics 2 Bluff 6 Diplomacy 6 Dungeoneering 3 Endurance 7 Heal 3 History 3 Insight 3 Intimidate 8 Nature 3 Perception 8 Religion 3 Stealth 18 Streetwise 11 Thievery 13

LANGUAGES: Common, Giant

AT-WILL: Assassin’s Shroud, Shadow Step, Executioner’s Noose, Shadow Storm ENCOUNTER: Dark Reaping, Shade Form, Nightmare Shades, Army of the Night DAILY: Terrifying Visage, Heart of Dust

MAGIC ITEMS: Shadow Boots

POISON: Carrion Crawler Brain Juice

Silvered Khopesh +4 attack, 1d8-1 damage


Olen woke up in the muck of the sewers. It wasn’t an auspicious beginning, and things haven’t worked out too well from that point. While he doesn’t know a lot about himself, Olen does have a couple of things he’s reasonably sure of. First off, he’s fairly certain he’s dead. Second, he thinks he’d be pretty good at killing people.

The bit about being dead comes from the fact that he didn’t eat or drink anything for a week because he forgot to, and he doesn’t breathe unless he has something to say. While Olen’s remarkably persuasive once he gets going, if you leave him to his own devices he doesn’t talk a lot. So it’s not infrequent for him to stop breathing for hours at a time, which is the the sort of thing that people can’t readily put their finger on but find extremely disconcerting if somebody does it in their company. The bit about being pretty good at killing people comes because it’s one thing to think that the guy at the end of the bar is an annoying jerk and you’d like to stab him, but it’s another thing entirely to realize that you know exactly where to put the knife so he drops quietly and doesn’t leak all over the tavern floor.

The upside of being dead is that you don’t need much money, and the upside of being a good killer is that if you decide you want money you know how to get it. The downside is that he actually can’t remember much about his past, which doesn’t bother him but is a little annoying because people who are good at killing people usually have at least some enemies, and it’d be helpful if he knew who the hell they were.

Following a vaguely familiar shadar-kai he had encountered by chance, Olen found himself stumbling into a mystery even bigger than he’d expected—one that may not just spell doom for the shattered Assassins’ Guild, but for the city of Punjar. The good news: he’s not alone in investigating the mystery. The bad news: the others who are part of it remember less than Olen does, and the dark conspiracies are closing in…


Mysteries of Aereth americannerd hradzka