Mysteries of Aereth

What Olen Knows...

"I am the Night..." ~ Olen the Mysterious Assassin

DM NOTE: I was too lazy to type this out again in storyform…I may update it later, but for now I simply present the player's notes on What Olen Knew.


  • You awoke a few months back in the muck of the sewers below Punjar. With fuzzy memories, you began your campaign of revenge. Not wanting to draw attention to yourself, you kept a low profile and just observed and listened. The Lady Luck smiled on you and you happened to spot a Shadar-Kai striding arrogantly through the marketplace one morning…
  • You had a memory flash of a Shadar-Kai swing a spiked chain into one of your fellow Assassins during the ambush that took your life. Having no other leads, you followed the pale-haired warrior as he returned to the slums and the "Palace" of the Beggar-King.
  • You kept watch on Beggars Palace for several days and followed the Shadar-Kai once he emerged again.
  • The Shadar-Kai met a caravan at Punjar's desert gate. You observed him meet a man in green robes, a Warforged who appeared to be his bodyguard (Morg), a Deva (Oriel), and two Shifters (Fang and Greymalka). 3 other robed and hooded figures in grey followed the Green-Robed Man and didn't move unless he did.
  • A Half-Orc in armor (Dorn) arrived and led them through the city and to a rented building in The Commons (a ward in Old Punjar) on the Street of Swords.
  • You watched the home for several more days until the Green-Robed Man emerged. Before you could tail him, he returned just as quickly. After a few moments, he re-emerged and made his way toward Poisoner's Street. The Deva left a minute later and seemed to be following the Green-Robed Man.
  • You followed the Deva who followed the Green Man to the Dirty Fox Tavern. Inside you found the Green Man at a table with the Shadar-Kai and a cloaked and hooded figure. You caught the glint of gold under the hood, possibly a helmet or a mask. The Deva sat surreptitiously a few tables away, observing and attempting to eavesdrop.
  • The Green Man spoke for a while, handed over a parchment which the other two read, then he left. The Deva approached the table, spoke with the two men at length, and read the parchment.
  • They all three rose and began to leave. The Deva tossed the parchment in the fire on his way out. By the time you had snatched the unburned pieces from the flames, you had lost them all in the crowds.
  • You watched the home into the night. A covered carriage arrived near midnight, but you could not see who emerged from its far door. Nearly and hour later, you heard shouting, crashes, and an electrical boom and flash as if lightning had struck inside the home.
  • Several people left, at least 6 or 7 if the rocking of the carriage as someone climbed in was any indication. As the carriage rumbled away, it revealed another figure remaining on the street in front of the home. Cloaked and hooded, you caught the gleam of a gold mask underneath the hood once again.
  • You chose to follow the Golden-Faced Man instead of the carriage, a decision that you cursed later. For all of your skill, you lost your target in the twisting alleyways of Smoke (one of the other wards in Old Punjar).
  • Returning to the now-darkened house, you took up watch again. Nothing happened until 4 days later, when Enforcers from the Thieves Guild arrived and hammered on the door.
  • You witnessed the fight and flight of the three you saw at the desert gate (the Deva and the two Shifters.
  • You saw the Half-Orc from the desert gate meeting give chase.
  • Since then, you've watched the house, awaiting an opportunity to investigate inside, but Enforcers have kept a guard on the place while others (a gnome with Ogres for bodyguards, and a tall fop of a man who moved with such grace that he had to be a thief) came and went several times.
  • Eventually, your chance arrived…


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