Mysteries of Aereth

Episode 7: The Beggar-King of Punjar

"Spirits protect us...What is that thing?" ~ Greymalka, Razorclaw Shifter Druid

Trying a different approach, the party lept from the rooftop of the Beggar's Palace onto the parapet of a crumbling tower nearby. According to the mad ravings of the dwarven wizard, the Beggar-King was below the tower…"Becoming", whatever that meant.

When they arrived at the cavern below the tower, the mismatched heroes found what "Becoming" truly was…

What had once been the Beggar-King of Punjar was now a massive, swollen ball of flesh with something moving underneath the pallid, slimy skin. The tiny human head that sprouted from this grotesque thing begged them to kill him…which the barbarian promptly did!

A torrent of slime and ichor burst from the corpulent monstrosity, flooding the area with small writhing green snakes. Ignoring the small harmless reptiles, the group searched the chamber for items of value…while behind them, the mass of serpents squirmed together, becoming something…else!

The Created

The battle that followed shook the very stones of the tower above! Soon the thing that was once the King of Beggars lay truly dead… 

A secret door to a hidden shrine was discovered. Before turning to the goddess Zehir, the Beggar-King had apparently been a devout worshipper of Niramuth the Rat God. A stone statue of a giant rat with glittering gems for eyes stood at one end of the chamber.

With Fang's history as a slayer of many swarms of rats, the group thought it best if he stayed outside. Unfortunately, Lisp was unable to control his roguish greed and attempted to rip one of the statue's jeweled eyes out! This brought about the Wrath of Niramuth…

As the statue became a great humanoid Rat of Wrath, the room was flooded by Niramuths Swarm of Wrath. Thousands of furry bodies poured into the chamber from cracks and crevices!

Wrath of Niramuth

The Wrath named the barbarian as blasphemer and demanded he beg for the forgiveness of the Rat God. Fang charged the giant rodent with a cry of rage and no remorse in his primal heart!

Soon the Wrath of Niramuth was lain and transformed back into a broken statue. The Swarms of Wrath fled the room, terrified by the barbarian now known to all rat-kind as The Defiler !

Gathering their spoils, which include the two great ruby eyes from the shattered effigy of the rat god, the party finally made their way from the Beggars Palace…mission complete!

To Be Continued…




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