Mysteries of Aereth

Episode 8 : The Streets of Punjar (Pt 2)

"You broke me brother's leg, Dorn...Now you're gonna pa-- *CRACK!* "Gaaaaah, Me Leg!!! You broke me leg, half-orc!!!" ~ unknown Alley Rat Gang Thug

Leaving an already inebriated Fang and Lisp to enjoy the merriment of the Welcome Wench Inn, the rest of the party headed off through the Devil's Thumb district.

A young girl burst out of the crowd, bouncing off Olen and falling to the ground. With a look of fear behind her, she ran off as if being chased!

A moment later, Olen realized his silver dagger was missing! They had been cleverly robbed!

Giving chase, Olen took to the rooftops, Greymalka bounded across vendor's stalls and even the occasional head, Oriel twisted and turned his way through the crowd with ease, while Dorn cleared a path with terrifying shouts and brute force.

Alas, they failed to catch up with the pickpocket until she reached a courtyard between two narrow alleys…and found they had been led into an ambush!

A local gang called the Alley Rats cut off their exits and moved in, giving the girl time to slip into a sewer grating.

Dorn knew these minor threats and they knew him! They band of reluctant comrades were knocking heads quite easily when one of the ganger's pet rats made an appearance…and they all froze up in complete and utter fear!

Perhaps those gemstone eyes from the statue of the Rat God were cursed after all…

Overcoming their terror, the adventurers soon ended the battle with a well placed lightning strike from the druid!

A scream came from the sewers! Another Alley Rat crawled out, a look of fear on his simple face. He said he had helped the girl down and heard what had happened…A deep voice had screamed "THAT'S NOT IT!!!"  and then the girl had cried out!

The party found the girl dead deep in the sewer tunnel. She apparently had been delivering Olen's dagger to her killer…except that wasn't the dagger they were expecting!

Olen recognized that she had been killed with a special dagger…a dagger he had owned in another lifetime!

A noise put them on the trail of the mysterious murderer! They chased the dark figure through the sewers across half the city, finding that a secret tunnel ran under the river!

They caught a glimpse of the killer as they ascended a ladder to street level…it was a man in a golden mask!

Reaching the street, they found themselves back in Squalor Court in the middle of the Dark Market…and milling about were dozens of slumming nobles wearing black cloaks and golden masks!

In consolation for losing their prey, the party decided to do a bit of shopping! Dorn traded Orliss the Goat's gladiator's sword for a new set of scalemail. Olen cut deals with the local "chemist" (a fat drow called Jobba) and his deadly liquids. Greymalka contemplated tattoo designs at the booth of the old easterner named Ling, and Oriel searched in vain for a fine songblade.

Shopping done, they returned across the court to their temporary home…finding the door unlocked.

Bursting in, they found themselves staring at the business end of a hand crossbow held by none other than Black Shet the Spymaster…

To Be Continued… 



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