Mysteries of Aereth

Episode 6 : The Breath of Zehir

" THE CIRCLE OF SYNN SHALL BE REBORN!!! " ~ Suggs Half-Nose, Dwarven Street Wizard

The secret door was hidden behind a statue of Endast, Keeper of Knowledge and Exarch of the dark goddess of poison and shadows, Zehir.

The way led to a ruined library where the group learned that this place (200 years previous) had been the estate of a minor nobleman named Lescore. The nobleman was apparently a devout worshipper of Zehir and a collector of strange objects and antiquities.

Another secret passage took them to a natural cavern that stretched as high as the streets above. Before them, a ritual of evil took place here.

A pool of glowing green liquid gave off a mist of equally emerald hue that flowed upward through grates in the stone ceiling and out into the slums. They had found the source of the vile fog that crept outward through the city quarter above!

A dwarf called Suggs Half-Nose (because he only had half of a nose, the rest was ugly scar tissue) capered madly about the fiendish pool. Dozens of sacrificed beggars lay strewn about the chamber.

To stop the mad dwarf, who was obviously becoming something reptillian due to his exposure to the pool, the party had to battle him and his gigantic serpent companion that slithered from the shadows!

Soon, the Zehir-worshipping wizard lay dead, face down in the blood of his pet snake as Oriel broke the enchantment on the poison-spewing pool…

After a brief rest, the unlikely heroes moved onward…they knew that they must find the Beggar-King and stop him once and for all!

To Be Continued… 


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