Mysteries of Aereth

Episode 5 : The Slave Pits of Punjar

"Face me alone, dog-man! Let us see who walks away..." ~ Orliss "The Goat", Dragonborn Gladiator

As the rest of the party pursued Arthuro down into the cavern of the Slavers, Lisp worked furiously to release himself and Dorn from the moving cage high above.

After battling Arthuro, hobgoblin guards, an enraged War Ape, and a Drow Slave Master, the mismatched five took time to release the captives in the slave pens.

Among the captives were Lady Constance Dev'shir, a kidnapped noblewoman of Punjar and two of her ladies-in-waiting and a local scholar by the name of Lorilass along with his lovely half-elf apprentice/caretaker, Neverill. Lady Constance begged them to find her other two servants…they were being taken away by a Slave Master mage less than an hour before!

Once the captives were away to safety, the party pressed on deeper into the Slaver's complex…

A secret door and stairs leading into darkness were bypassed for the moment as they soon found themselves facing the captain of the Slaver forces…a dragonborn ex-gladiator and (ironically) former slave named Orliss "The Goat".

The Goat challenged Fang to single combat as his forces attacked the rest of the party. Soon goblin blood and the severed head of Orliss decorated the room.

Moving quickly, they engaged the Slaver Mage and his two Gnoll Overseer's in a cavern split by a roaring underground river. Things were going well until the Bladerager Troll showed up!

Prevailing against these overwhelming odds, the party was victorious, the ladies rescued, and soon they returned to the mysterious secret door…

To Be Continued…


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