Mysteries of Aereth

Episode 4 : The Shadow Witch

"I only see two Shadar-Kai chainfighters guarding the way...How dangerous could they be?" ~ Oriel, Deva Bard

After honoring their word and releasing Captain Irocar, the five of the moved deeper into the complex to face this "Mother Zeboltha".

After a harrowing battle with her two very competant Shadar-Kai bodyguards, the group finally stood face to face with the Shadow Witch, Zeboltha…who revealed herself as a vile Yuan-Ti!

Zeboltha the Shadow Witch

In Draconic, she accused Dorn of "betraying them". Only little Lisp understood, and as much as he tried to cover it up, the truth came out later. Dorn claimed to know nothing of what she said, and he seemed to be telling the truth!

The battle was joined!

Kill The Witch (close shot)


Leaving the snake-woman dead and fangless (it seemed the barbarian had a penchant for "trophies"), the party searched the witch's workroom and turned up her notes on an object the Poisoned Shadows seemed to be seeking.

Mother Zeboltha's Notes

Puzzling this new development, moved on to face the Beggar-King in his own "throne room"...

Reaching the hall of the "King", the five adventurers found the rug pulled out from under them…literally! Arthuro the Fence triggered a trap that opened the floor beneath them, dropping Dorn and Lisp into the yawning darkness below!

Leaping and scrabbling, the other party members made it safety. Fang charged the obese, mumbling Beggar-King who lounged on a gaudy throne. With a roar, he sank his halberd deep into the monarch of the slum's fat belly…sending a cloud of downy feathers into the air! The "king" gave a scream and shrank away from the raging barbarian…a scream that sounded much like a 12 year old girl.

As it turned out, it was a twelve year old girl, padded, head shaven, and strung out on Black Lotus Dust, placed to act as a decoy for the real king. Arthuro escaped from the party through a trap door behind the throne.

Dorn and Lisp found themselves in a cage, hanging 40 feet over an underground river. The cage was being hauled by a trained War Ape toward a series of slave pens set into the cavern floor below…

To Be Continued…


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