Mysteries of Aereth is a character-driven campaign loosely based in Goodman Games World of Aereth. 

We have been playing the campaign for nearly a year now, but I've never bothered to add it to Obsidian Portal.

I will attempt to reconstruct all of the sessions we've played into "Episodes", and then update new episodes after each future game night.

I plan on treating the campaign like a television series. Each tier is a "Season" where I wrap up the current story arc in 20 to 24 episodes. 

Stay Tuned… 


Season 1 : The Circle of Synn 


Episode 1 : Strangers in a Strange Land

Episode 2 : The Man of Smoke

Episode 3 : Palace of the Beggar-King

Episode 4 : The Shadow Witch

Episode 5 : The Slave Pits of Punjar

Episode 6 : The Breath of Zehir

Episode 7 : The Beggar-King of Punjar 

Episode 8 : The Streets of Punjar (Part I)

Episode 9 : The Streets of Punjar (Part II)

Mysteries of Aereth

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